Students interested in Science and Technology will no longer be the same.  Pitambar Infovision has successfully introduced Robotics education at the school level.  

The “Robotech” program is an interactive and innovative way to learn about robots, electronics and computers.  A complete “Hands-on” approach, keeps the student interest captive.  Robotech sessions drive students of Physics and Maths and leave a lasting impression on the young minds learn more about Robotech here.


Pitambar Infovision has been involved in imparting computer and IT education for over 15 years.  The primary focus has been to simplify IT education for school students and imparting computer learning at schools country wide.  Led by the inventor of the MCA programme and the author of the most popular computer book series in the country, Pitambar Infovision has imparted Computer Education at more than 500 schools.

The director’s vision

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